DEKON Expo serves the national and international commercial exhibition industry as well as the governmental and non-governmental sector with planning and organizing exhibitions worldwide. We offer special tailor made stand design work for all types of companies and global stand building services in cooperation with our network of local providers.

When you plan an Exhibition, may it be part of a Conference or as a standalone event, we care about your sales & marketing, the travels and accommodation of national and international exhibitors, their transfers, and of course all customs issues for their goods and merchandise.

In our exhibition halls you will find the latest technology, because we love to provide you and your exhibitors with top notch IT and technical equipment. Of course not all is just technology; when it comes to the human factor we are ready to provide you with experienced stand personnel, care for your booth catering, organize your receptions and social events.

Milk, the creative agency within our group is prepared to take care of all your printed and visual materials, and we will supervise your PR and Marketing!


  • Pre-planning, during show management and post show logistics
  • Meeting Planning and Consultations
  • Site Inspection and Design
  • CAD Floor Plan Design
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Tradeshow Theme Design
  • Exposition Booth Equipment and Rental Furniture
  • Freight Shipping, Material Handling and Drayage
  • Carpeting and Custom Furnishings
  • Installation and Dismantle Labor
  • Display Rental
  • Custom Display Construction
  • Full integration with our DEKON Group graphic design company MILK
  • Signs and Banners
  • Staging
  • Rigging
  • Transportation
  • Stage Backdrops
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Services
  • Exposition Floral
  • Catering services
  • PR and Marketing services
  • Tour & Transfer Services



To be recognized and respected as the leading international company providing reliable, value adding quality service.


We make a difference by being the most innovative and the best solution provider in the field.



We do strongly believe in the words of William A. Foster, that 'Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.'


For making your project a success story from the first idea till after the execution it needs many ingredients, but for us, one of the most important items is our dedication to really add value. Dedication, as we at DEKON understand it, is not what you expect us to do, but what we can add to your project!


Business can't exist without confidence, but there is no confidence without integrity. For us at DEKON it's as simple as this. So we set the highest standards to all our operations and the trust and satisfaction of our clients proves us right.


All DEKON Units strive to consistently carry out all their operations with the passion to exceed their client's expectations at all levels.


For many, a good service is important, for us it is the essence of doing business. That's why we mix your sparkling event with our team's efficiency to make it really memorable for every participant.


Just relax, everything is taken care of because we have the flexibility to be the best solution provider in the field.


DEKON is proud to be a founding member of ‘The Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey', because we strongly do believe that while doing business all our actions also should focus on sustainability at the same time.


One cannot focus on sustainability and forget about responsibility, may it be about social responsibility or about the environment.


Lyn St. James, the famous American Woman Racing Icon said once, "Whenever I get to a low point, I go back to the basics. I ask myself, Why am I doing this?' It comes down to passion." This quote best describes how much we value doing business with you. Our passion for making your event, your conference or any of your projects a huge success is the wind which fans the fire in us.


Being member of the worldwide operating DEKON Group gives DEKON Expo the advantage and ability to offer top quality exhibition and meeting services at any corner of the world. The services of DEKON Expo complement perfectly the other group companies, so you can rely on top service all around meetings and exhibitions from one hand.


The DEKON Brand clearly defines what DEKON means to our clients, to our business partners and also to ourselves. Since 1991 we have been building our brand and by always striving to deliver excellence our name has become one of our most valuable assets. Today, more than 20 years later, our brand became a quality standard for all of our actions and for all our activities in our different business fields. As a company operating globally with clients, suppliers and partners, having a strong and consistent brand is an advantage we don't want to miss.

Our DEKON logo is just the visual expression we use to identify our group's brands. While the 3 curved lines actually symbolize the D' in DEKON, they also stand for our Dedication to make your project a success story from the very first moment, for the Determination in how we execute our tasks and for how we Deliver excellence.

Our values are the center of everything we say and do:

Quality is it what we deliver, Dedication is what you will find in all our projects, Integrity is what we offer but also expect, Consistency and Passion are what we put into our tasks, the Efficiency comes with our long years of experience and Flexibility has always been is in our nature. And of course we care about Sustainability for our environment and Responsibility for our communities where we live and do business in.


Based on our Core Principles, all DEKON Group Units and their employees are committed to ethical business practices in all their dealings.

Here at DEKON, we all make every effort to reach the highest ethical standards towards our clients, and when working with our global suppliers and business partners. We make great efforts when selecting our supply chain partners that their standards for sustainability, environmental issues and human rights match ours. During our operations the safety of our clients, the clients of our clients, our employees and the people from our business partners always comes first.

  • We strive continually to improve professional standards within all the industries we operate.
  • We act professionally in all circumstances and in particular in relation to our clients, to suppliers, to the clients of our clients, to fellows of our industry and the public.
  • We give our professional opinion whenever it's requested without favor, malice or prejudice.
  • We represent our capabilities and services to potential and confirmed clients on the basis of the resources that can reasonably be expected to be supplied.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to us and will not make use of such information in our own interest
  • We do not engage in any practice nor will be seen to conduct ourselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation of the professionals of our industry.



  • Global provider of meeting solutions and related services, home market Turkey
  • Business Units: Professional Conference Organizer, Destination Management Company, Association Management Company, Incentive and Events Company for the Turkish Market, Outgoing Events and Travels, Protocol Meetings, Expo Management, Milk Ad Agency - Creative Designs, Royal Shuttles - Chauffeur Services
  • Contracted business which dates further than 2020, provides excellent visibility of future growth with good opportunities to improve margins and cash flow


  • Broaden global markets strategically
  • Keep developing and extending a competitive portfolio of products and services
  • Grow market share and operational efficiency by focused aftermarket services strategy
  • Add value through the provision of product-related services



Sultan Selim Mahallesi Hümeyra Sokak No:12 34415 Kağıthane – Istanbul / Turkey

  • T:
  • +90 212 347 63 00 - 117
  • M:
  • +90 530 147 13 89
  • F:
  • +90 212 347 63 63

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